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Mark Knudson’s Three Strikes Blog: Kevin Gausman, All-Star; German and Ubaldo, and Buffs v Huskers in charity hoops a great step towards annual Denver tourney

Mark Knudson
Colorado will be well represented in the upcoming Major League Baseball All-Star game at Coors Field. Not only will the city of Denver and the most beautiful ballpark in the country be featured, but a......

Mark Knudson’s Three Strikes Blog: When a commitment is anything but; Rockies should retire Nolan’s number now, and Nuggets will have surprise reps in Tokyo

Mark Knudson
According to Dictionary.com, a “commitment” is: “The act of committing, pledging, or engaging oneself. A pledge or promise; An .” Remember that next time you see a social media post of any kind......

Mark Knudson’s Three Strikes Blog: Update on HS baseball; Why haven’t ALL athletes been vaccinated by now? And what COVID “norms” might remain part of our sports future?

Mark Knudson
: As you may have , there’s an on-going battle within the high school sports ranks that’s yet to be settled. On one side, you have a handful of bureaucrats/lawyers/administrators (reportedly from northern Colorado) who......