August 26, 2018

At about 6:10
Dizzy Dean
Jose Gomez from 1948

At about 6:30
The Gulf Screen Guild Theater w/ Roger Pryor
Imperfect Lady w/ Clark Gable, Margaret Lindsay and Ginger Rogers from 1939

At about 7:00
The Martin and Lewis Show w/ Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis
Guest: Francis Langford from 1949

At about 7:30
Gunsmoke w/ William Conrad
The Cook from 1960

At about 8:00
Richard Diamond Private Detective w/ Dick Powell
The $200,000 Bundle from 1949

At about 8:30
The College Quiz Bowl w/ Allen Ludden
Chicago vs. Syracuse from 1955

At about 9:00
The Johnson’s Wax Program w/ Fibber McGee & Molly
Starring Jim & Marian Jordan
Advice Column from 1939

At about 9:30
The Adversary from 1954

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