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Pranqster: Westlake Wine & Spirits’ Beer of the Week

Surprise me after a couple of  years of weekly beer tastings, and you get my full attention. Qs diguised as Ks? I like it. It’s mischievous language usage. In the glass it’s stormy, has character. And then the taste of – oh my goodness this beer has the best mouth feel (a phrase I dislike), and a garden of flavors (a bit of a punt phrase)  – more, yes the taste of more.  Another sip, another moment marveling at the complexity and yet the lightness.  It lingers not, and in doing so encourages another tip of the glass.  North Coast Brewing Company, you’re on my very short road trip list.  In the meantime, I’m glad you’re available at Westlake Wine & Spirits

Restaurant of the Week: La Fiesta

2319 8th Avenue
Greeley, CO
(970) 353-0664
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