Markley and van Camp

Jamie Markley & David van Camp break down news and funny topics like you and your friends over drinks. Their water-cooler style has a noticeably different tone than traditional “political” shows.

Jamie Markley is about 20 years older and has 20 times less hair than his co-host. The age brings experience, while the hair loss is just a symptom of being a former program director. A Mid-Westerner and family man, the former rock DJ dazzles with his wit and uncanny ability to remember the length of nearly every 1980’s rock song. He’s a massive Dallas Cowboys fan, of which he has no problem constantly reminding you in the off-chance you think he’s an America-hating communist.

David van Camp is a Texan, but that isn’t held against him. DVC conveys a no-bull attitude and then hits you with a curveball joke. The (last) Houston Texans fan is also a former news director who somehow made it out of Mexico, Missouri alive, even if a little less sober.

If your friends are talking about it at the office, then Markley and van Camp will be discussing it on the air.