Golden Years Theater

Gil Moon hosts a local Northern Colorado favorite, Golden Years Theater on 1310 KFKA.

Mr. Moon is KFKA’s resident authority on the golden age of radio entertainment and he brings that knowledge of great radio and music trivia to the KFKA airwaves every Sunday evening.

Followed by “When Radio Was” at 10pm and then Golden Years Theater tucks you in with an eerie tale from the “Twilight Zone” at 11pm.

Did you know that we take “REQUESTS” on GOLDEN YEARS THEATER?

That’s right! Just send me an E-Mail at GIL@1310KFKA.COM or give me a call at (970) 353-1310 or 1-877-353-1310 Sunday evenings between 6:00 and 10:00 pm with your Request and I’ll see that we play it for you within the next couple of weeks.

Oct. 21

At about 6:10
G. I. Jive w/ Martha “Jill” Wilkerson
“G. I. Stomp” from 1944

At about 6:30
Gunsmoke w/ William Conrad
“Jayhawkers” from 1953

At about 7:00
George Burns and Gracie Allen
“Another Murder Mystery” from 1938

At about 7:30
The College Quiz Bowl w/ Allen Ludden
“Mt. Holyoke vs Colgate” from 1955

At about 8:00
Broadway is My Beat w/ Anthony Ross
“The Andrew Jenkins Case” from 1949

At about 8:30
The Columbia Workshop
“Play Ball” from 1942

At about 9:00
Our Miss Brooks w/ Eve Arden
“Male Superiority” from 1955

At about 9:30
The Whistler
“Return to Riondo” from 1958