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The Nerd show, presented by the Nerd Store in downtown Greeley airs every Tuesday night, 7p-8p on KFKA.  Brady Hull, Travis Parry (The Evil Overlord) and Igor talk about the hottest Comics, Movies/TV Shows based on comics and novels, and just about anything else one might consider, Nerdy.  


The Nerd Show Podcasts

Tuesday, February 21 - Travis makes it down to Memphis to meet with industry aficionados; the turning point superhero TV show popularity; Nerd News...including a quick look at TNT's Tales from the Crypt reboot; the Comic of the Week is The Wild Storm; our affinity for Right Coast Pizza gets us a little sidetracked; and upcoming events at The Nerd Store.

Tuesday, February 14 - We discuss an article on the many iterations of Batman; Nerd News; The Comic of the week is The Uncanny Inhumans--Monsters Unleashed; and upcoming events at The Nerd Store.  Also, check out this Batman Begins Honest Trailer.  Great timing!

Tuesday, February 7 - Excitement over Stranger Things 2, apprehension about Logan, and the hilarious Walking Dead Super Bowl promo; Nerd News; the comic of the week is Star Wars Darth Maul #1; and this week at The Nerd Store.

Tuesday, January 31 - A look at upcoming 2017 movies; Nerd News; the comic of the week is Batman '66 Meets Wonder Woman '77.

Tuesday, January 24 - A review of the very powerful graphic novel Maus...a must read; Nerd News; the comic of the week is Curse Words.

Tuesday, January 17 - An exciting interview with one of the hottest writers in the business, Donny Cates, about some of his current work including "God Country; God Country reviewed. and Nerd News.  YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS SHOW!!!

Tuesday, January 10 - Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is reviewed; Nerd News; Deadpool The Duck is reviewed; and what's happening at The Nerd Store.

Tuesday, January 3 - Brady reviews Assassin's Creed (the movie); Nerd News; The comic of the week is Supergirl: Being Super; and upcoming events and sales at The Nerd Store.

Tuesday, December 27 - Nerd News (R.I.P. Carrie Fisher) ; We review of Nailbiter Volume 1; Comic of the week is Lock & Key-Small World; and a very special offer from the Nerd Store.

Friday, December 23 - A review of the broad game Ticket To Ride;  Nerd News; why do video game movies always suck; the comic of the week...was a we read Red Sonja instead; and what's new at The Nerd Store!

Tuesday, December 13 - A review of Dr Strange; Nerd News; the comic of the week is Shadows of the Grave; and what's new at The Nerd Store, including on-sale items!

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