Golden Years Theater

Gil Moon hosts a local Northern Colorado favorite, Golden Years Theater on 1310 KFKA. Mr. Moon is KFKA’s resident authority on the golden age of radio entertainment and he brings that knowledge of great radio and music trivia to the KFKA airwaves every Sunday evening.  Followed by When Radio Was at 10pm and then Golden Years Theater tucks you in with an eerie tale from the Twilight Zone at 11pm.

February 12th, 2017 – Valentine’s Day Special

At about 6:10
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar
w/ Bob Bailey
“The Alvin Summers Matter: Ep. 01” – from 1955
(Repeated by Request)

At about 6:30
The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet
 “Valentine’s Day” – from 1949

At about 7:00
w/ William Conrad
 “Young Love” – from 1955

At about 7:30
The Mercury Summer Theater of the Air
w/ Orson Welles
“The Apple Tree” – from 1942

At about 8:00
The Whistler
w/ Elliot Lewis & Ann Stone
“My Love Comes Home” – from 1946

At about 8:30
My Favorite Husband
w/ Lucille Ball & Richard Denning
“The Valentine’s Day Card” – from 1946

At about 9:00
The Cavalcade of America
w/ Francus Langford, June Lockhart & Tony Romano 
“G.I. Valentine” – from 1944

At about 9:30
Have Gun Will Travel
w/ John Dehner
“Love Birds” from 1959

1002 31st Avenue
Greeley, CO