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Beyond Reality Radio | 1310 KFKA

Beyond Reality Radio

Beyond Reality Radio – a new talk show focusing on the paranormal, the strange and the weirder side of life hosted by internationally known paranormal experts Jason Hawes (TV’s Ghost Hunters), and JV Johnson (Publisher/TAPS ParaMagazine). 

BRR is a real-time, interactive discussion about the normal, the abnormal, the paranormal and everything in-between.  Including pop culture topics, and offering a unique point of view Beyond Reality Radio does what no other similarly-themed radio show can do…

Paranormal “A-list” guests and experts in their given subjects bring a level of sophistication to the conversation and expertise that similar programs lack. Listener calls bring a variety of questions, personal stories, and create a one-to-one connection between the audience and the hosts. As a natural extension of the hit TV show Ghost Hunters, and the leading paranormal magazine TAPS ParaMagazine, Beyond Reality Radio removes the barriers between paranormal fans, and the people who are blazing trails, and finding answers. It’s reality radio, focusing on topics that are Beyond Reality.

The Hosts:

Jason Hawes – Creator and star of SyFy Channel’s long-running hit reality television show – Ghost Hunters. Entering its 11th season, Ghost Hunters not only started the paranormal reality revolution but has remained the top show in its category and of its kind. In addition to Ghost Hunters, Jason founded and starred in Ghost Hunters International, and Ghost Hunters Academy. Jason is a best-selling author and maintains a social media following of several million fans.
@Jchawes  #BeyondRealityRadio

JV Johnson – As a radio professional for over 30 years, and Publisher/Editor of the leading paranormal publication (TAPS ParaMagazine), JV has experience where it counts. As a noted paranormal expert, JV is often quoted in media and has made guest appearances on Ghost Hunters and other paranormal radio and TV programs. JV is also an event promoter with a vast network of followers on social media, in traditional media and through website traffic.
@jvj_paramag  #BeyondRealityRadio

Show Notes

Fairies, pookas, mermaids, vampires, werewolves, and other creatures of the night

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with author Varla Ventura about her latest book – Fairies, Pookas, & Changelings and others creatures that haunt our nighttime world. Varla also tackles topics such as vampires, werewolves & mermaids. Are these creatures real? Where can we expect…Read more

Paranormal Investigating – the nitty gritty about ghost hunting and the search for answers

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with guests Jeff Adkins & Jenny Tremonti about their role in the paranormal group – Detroit Paranormal Expeditions. The team has investigated many reportedly haunted locations and is expanding their geographic footprint to include many other areas. The discussions…Read more

Planet X – could this be the source of devastation and destruction as prophesied in the Bible and in so many other sources?

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with guest Terral Croft about the dark star that is making its 3600-year return to our solar system, and the devastating effects it will have on life as we know it. As an imploded binary twin of our sun,…Read more