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Deep Thoughts From A Wandering Mind: What makes Colorado Broncos Country?

I know, I know, this should be a post about March Madness, the Rockies spring training, NBA playoffs (You know I want too), or even the NFL draft but lately, I find that all of this excitement in our area and around the country seems to be a distant second to the Denver Broncos in our great state.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the Broncos.  They were the reason I got into sports broadcasting and journalism in the first place.  So those expecting a Broncos bashing won’t find it here, rather, a simple question…or two:  What is it that makes the Broncos this states poster child? And will it always be that way? 

The old South Stands at Mile High. One of many reasons to love the Broncos

I grew up as ONLY a Broncos fan.  I sort of  liked the Nuggets but until I was in about the 5th grade, the Broncos were the only team I truly cared about.  Elway, Sharpe, TD, Romo (the Romo before Romo), Mobley, Atwater, Gordon, Zimmerman….and on and on.  It wasn’t just the players, the SB’s or the eventual hall of fame play we witnessed in the late 90’s,  it was everything.  The food smelled better at Mile High and even Invesco.  The PA guy, Alan Roach, Thunder, the Cheerleaders, and even back to the days of the south stands.  (we had season tickets there one year and those dudes knew how to party…I miss them)   Yes, it was all magical for me.  My father would take me, and usually my brother to at least 3 games a year.  What wasn’t to like? What’s not to like now? Don’t get me wrong this team is so great for Colorado.  We love to talk about it; hell, there are radio stations down in Denver devoted to NOTHING but “The Romo” watch.  But why do we salivate over all things Broncos? Is it time to spread the love?

Could happen this year! Who’s ready?!

The Nuggets are young and exciting and for the first time in three years, they COULD get into the playoffs.  The Rockies have a new manager in Bud Black and the optimism hasn’t been higher since ROCKTOBER.  We are in the midst of some pretty outstanding college hoops games and we have two NOCO teams, CU and CSU providing

I think this game will be HUGE next season. Time to show these teams some love

some pretty good programs within the last year or so.  But is that enough? Is a better Rockies team, sniffing at the playoffs or a young Nuggets team looking to pull off an epic upset in the west, or the Rocky Mt. Showdown looking to become a meaningful game again enough to garner some of your admiration? Or is it all about and always will be all about the Broncos and their quest for the SB?  

For me, I have learned to spread my affection.  My dad used to tell me after a Broncos loss not to take it so hard.  That I needed to look forward to other teams in the area or state to help absorb the sting of my team losing.   It took me a while, but I am glad I took his advice.  I don’t think you are a bad sports fan if all you care about are the Broncos, I just want to let you know, or better yet, remind you that there are some pretty exciting things going on all around us.  So while the Broncos have several months before they even touch a FB field, enjoy the Madness, the spring anticipation, the 8th seed or even some HS baseball on KFKA ;).  You can go on loving your Broncos….but when they lose, having these other teams will help soften the blow.  Just another random thought. 

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Tuesday, 03/14/17

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Wednesday, 03/15/17

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Monday, 03/20/17

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Denver Broncos Insider Ryan Koenigsberg of BSN Denver discussing DeMarcus Ware retiring, free agent signings and the possibility of Tony Romo coming to Denver.

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