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Deep Thoughts from a Wandering Mind: SB 51 and NO NO ROMO

The GOAT. Can’t argue it anymore!!

SB 51 was one for the ages.  It started out as a blowout, the makings of another BIG GAME let down but Tom Brady and Company never said never.  I mean, they probably should have; down 28-3 late.  Most teams would have been done.  Seriously, no team had ever come back from that deficit. Prior to SB Sunday, no team had ever come back from more than a 10-point deficit to win. So why wouldn’t fans start cleaning up the kitchen and preparing for that hungover Monday early?  Not so fast.  The Pats just kept believing and made it one hell of a finish.  Did Atlanta collapse or are the Patriots that good?  As our CBS insider, Andrew Bogusch, said “It was a little bit of both.”  The Falcons kept getting kick returns at their own 10 yard line, stopped running and took a few too many critical sacks,  And of course, couldn’t cover anyone in that zone they went to.  Why didn’t young Shanny stick with what was working?  That one is truly a mystery.  But at the end of the day, they were up against the best qb in history.  What do the up 3-1 Golden State Warriors and up 25 Atlanta Falcons have in common?  They both were going up against two of the best players in their sport.  Two players that will NEVER quit.  Tom Brady.  Lebron James.  Can’t sleep on either one.  And now with 5 rings, Brady has cemented his place as the best qb ever.

Romo Down

Romo down again

Now onto the off-season for Denver.  Please, please say no to Romo.  Please.  He’s only played in a handful of games in the last two years.  Hell, fans were worried that Manning couldn’t make the comeback after one season.  Romo basically missed all of 2015 and 2016, yet, no one seems to terribly worried about that fact.  “He’s a winner.  He’s a competitor.”   Sure, in 2014.    Romo had his time.  Siemian or Lynch haven’t proved anything.  They haven’t proved they are NOT winners yet either.  I like the young, unknown over the old known.  We know Romo is good.  We know he can have a great season in stats.  We also know he has only won a few playoff games.  We also know he is feeble.  Yes, Siemian was hurt a lot in College and a few times this season, but he’s way younger.  His recovery is faster than soon to be 37 Tony Romo.  We know who Romo is.  We don’t know who these Broncos QB’s are….yet

Romo….you get the picture

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Friday, 02/17/17

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Monday, 02/20/17

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Hour 2 - Drive thru with ASD/Walking Dead sends MLB players "Lucille" bats/Clark Johnson-Kenny's Steakhouse Preps Radio Round-Up/CTE-Concussions-what's the future of the NFL and football?

Tuesday, 02/21/17

Hour 1 - NBA Trade Deadline-Nuggets moves?-Galo or Chandler?/Lakers name Magic president of operations-Silver-NBA needs new approach to 1 and done/Bobby Fernandez-Greeley Trib-Noco Preps.

Hour 2 - Drive thru with ASD/Emmanuel Sanders lied to Broncos about birth of child?/Troy Coverdale-voice of UNC Bears men's basketball/Colorado Rockies season preview-starting pitching rotation.

ASD Featured Interview

CSU Rams Insider Kelly Lyell of the Coloradoan discussing CSU men’s basketball head coach Larry Eustachy’s investigation into emotional abuse of players in the past.

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