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Weld County sets “Safer at Work” guidelines to start Monday

Weld County Commissioners and the Department of Public Health and Environment have put together a plan they call “Safer at Work” in preparation for Sunday’s expiration of Governor Polis’ stay-at-home order.

The “best practices” guidance issued Thursday mean that all businesses in Weld County can reopen gradually, but were offered in direct contrast of the governor’s “Safer at Home” plans that have been under development this week.

Weld County Commissioner Chairman, Mike Freeman stated, “The time is now to start moving forward in a responsible manner.”  Freeman added, “Business owners are at their ropes end in this crisis, and if we aren’t careful the economic damage could be far more devastating.”

The full Board of Commissioners approved the plan, which would allow bars & restaurants to reopen in conflict with the Governor’s ban on their reopening until mid-May. Freeman said on 1310 KFKA that the reason was because the group didn’t want to appear to be picking “winners and losers” with their actions.

Mayors from the 32 cities within Weld County were invited to share their opinions on the matter in a conference call Thursday morning.

The plan details can be viewed here. The press release announcing the plan can be viewed here.

Statement issued Friday morning by Weld County Commissioners:

Weld County Government is not opening any businesses, just as Weld County Government did not close any businesses. That said, each commissioner has received comments from constituents struggling to make ends meet, pay their bills, and take care of their families who have said they are going to open their businesses. So, Weld County Government took the proactive response of preparing best practices and guidance that could be used as business owners look to reopen – whenever they feel comfortable to do so. An informed public is a strong public.

The same preventative measures need to be heeded – we’ve said that. Expectations need to be managed – we’re doing that. What we aren’t going to do is pick winners and losers as to who gets to restart their livelihoods.

And at the end of the day, everyone has freedoms: freedom to stay home, freedom to go out, and freedom to support whatever business they want to support.

Guidance will be updated as new documents are approved. You can find those at

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