10/4/18: Answering the bell this week’s challenge

So much has taken place since the last post I made here, so please forgive my lack of posting. I’ve been spending more time trying to shake the remnants of the bug I caught than actually putting my brain into gear for the past five weeks. A number of people took a moment to voice encouragement the day the Bears fell at home to Sac State, given the state of MY voice that day. Thanks to all of you for putting up with what sounded like gears grinding. On that note, I’m still not over the crud, but I’m closer.

The biggest thing to occur over the stretch of the past three games has been what seemed like the bottom dropping out of everything last Saturday against North Dakota. There was nothing that could be said to have gone well and the aftermath has resonated through the program this week.

If you listened to Tuesday night’s coaches show, you heard Earnest Collins, Jr, be steadfast and firm in his belief that his players, coaches and himself need to improve but that this program is in better shape than an 0-5 record appears. In fact, he emphatically made it clear that he remains steadfast in what he wants to accomplish with “his school.” There’s also plenty of discussion about psychology and how this week’s prep is different than previous weeks, because of the lack of energy and enthusiasm in the loss to North Dakota.

I address my view of Saturday’s game in the attached audio, this week’s segment with Brady Hull on “The Hull Show” on Tuesday.

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