Deep Thoughts From a Wandering Mind: Notes from the weekend: CSU, Broncos and the Rockies

ROCKIES:  The Rockies are in an amazing division race and, as I write this, they are holding down the number one spot.  Can they win the NL West for the first time ever?  Can they go to the playoffs in back to back seasons for the first time ever? They’ll need superior pitching both from their starters and the bullpen but I tend to look at their stars like Arenado, LeMahieu and Blackmon.  Nolan has been, as they say, Nolan but has he put this team on his back consistently?  I’d like to see him take over these divisional series’ and lock up some Rockies history.  Either way, it’s so awesome to be talking about the Rockies winning a division on September 4th.

CSU:  The Rocky Mountain Showdown was more of a “shutdown” thanks to the horrible zero week sequel performed by CSU’s defense.  For the second week in a row, the Rams D made a mediocre quarterback look like a Heisman candidate.  Who’s to blame here?  New coordinator John Jancek?  He was suppose to help clean up the mess left by Marty english, who’s now calling the defensive shots for the UNC Bears.  Lack of motivation on the roster?  Against Hawaii they at least stiffened up late but against Colorado they looked lost and frankly, disinterested in competing. Coach Bobo?  He’s now 0-4 against arguably the Rams biggest rival.  He’s been dealing with a challenging condition; Peripheral neuropathy, and continues to limp around at practice and now on the sidelines (he was in the press box against Hawaii).  How much of that is affecting his head coaching ability?  I think some, certainly. But judging by the way this team has come out the first two games, It’s unrealistic to use that as THE issue.  With Arkansas and a trip to Florida coming up, the start of the season is looking very gloomy for Colorado State.  I’m not advocating moving on from Bobo.  Because of his contract extension the Rams don’t have a lot of options as the buyouts are ridiculously high.  However, the question is reasonable.  If they win say, four games, shouldn’t we at least be talking about a future without Bobo as the Rams head coach?  I like Coach.  He’s a good guy and an excellent offensive football mind.  But can he lead CSU back to where it was before he took over?  Jim McElwain left CSU with a 22-16 record and went 10-3 his final year.  The program was moving up.  Bobo’s first year was perhaps a case of overachieving (new year, new players, new situation) while his next two were simply average.  The complaint about Bobo was that he was Mr. 7-6, Mr. average.  So far in 2018, the Rams look to be going backwards.   Going backwards in year 4 is not a good sign for a head coach in college football.

NCAA:  Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban doesn’t want you to ask him about the quarterback battle going on between Tua Tagovaila and Jalen Hurts.  And if you do, he will flat out let you have it.  Just ask ESPN’s Maria Taylor.  She didn’t even ask Saban who would be starting in week 2.  She simply asked what questions were answered after their win over Louisville.  He since apologized (  but it’s getting quite old listening to the coach berate reporter after reporter for asking him about a fire he continues to stoke.   Just name a starter, officially, and move on.  Oh wait…if he does that then a guy like Jalen Hurts might want to leave and if he leaves, he won’t have two amazing quarterbacks to choose from.  All about the student athlete with Mr. Saban……righhhhhttttt.

Washington and Auburn was a nice game for a week 1 contest, albeit rather sloppy.  I like Jake Browning and predicted him to be the best qb in the country.  At this point, I don’t feel great about that call but that offensive line has got to give him some help or it’s going to be a long season.

Broncos: Paxton Lynch is a Bronco no more.  It wasn’t that long ago fans were cheering and applauding the 2016 first round pick of the qb out of Memphis…..wait…no they weren’t.  I certainly know I wasn’t thrilled about it.  Nonetheless, Elway and company pulled the trigger on a “tall” athlete hoping to bring out his untapped potential.  I guess what bothers me the most about Lynch was the fact he never really understood why he was falling in the depth chart.  He actually used the whole “these are the cards I’ve been dealt” line.  Dealt? He made his bed by not dedicating himself to playing qb for the Broncos and taking control of his situation.  I’m not saying that if he was the perfect student of the game like Manning he’d be…like Manning….. but at least give it everything you have.  Now he’s not on an NFL roster and will forever be a punchline in Denver Broncos history.  Awww….memories

I am officially on the Phillip Lindsay band wagon. This guy WILL be a star.  And he’s a class act.  He even called up the legendary Broncos running back, TD, to ask if he could wear #30 this year.  I mean, he was going to anyway as the retired players don’t really have a legitimate say.  Nonetheless it was a classy move by the Colorado kid turned pro.


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