Greeley Council moves towards consideration of 2nd Amendment Sanctuary ordinance

640px Second Amendment Sanctuary Counties.svg
Current “Second Amendment Sanctuary” Counties (Wikipedia)

The Greeley City Council is the latest in an increasing number of governmental entities considering “Second Amendment Sanctuary” laws after the implementation of a new “Red Flag Law” statewide. The City Council in a work session Tuesday night discussed a potential measure similar to one already passed by Weld County Commissioners and instructed their attorney to draw up a potential ordinance. Opponents claim implementation of Extreme Risk Protection Orders violates the Second Amendment of the Constitution, while supporters say the law should result in a decrease of gun deaths tied to domestic violence and suicides. Greeley would be the first municipality in Colorado to implement a sanctuary ordinance.

Greeley Police Chief Mark Jones addressed the new law and City Council’s move during “Mornings With Gail”. Listen to the podcast here.

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