Dog poop leads to stabbing

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Police say an argument over dog poop led to a stabbing. 22-year-old Cody McGovern has been arrested on first degree assault charges.

It happened outside McGovern’s home on West Mulberry Street in Fort Collins earlier this month. Police say McGovern was confronted by his neighbor James Morris after Morris told him to clean up his dog’s feces.

McGovern said Morris threatened to call the property management company. That’s when McGovern went back into his home and grabbed his pocket knife. He claims Morris ran at him, so he stabbed him in the leg.

Officers found both men covered in blood, with Morris holding the knife, saying he took it away from the younger man. Morris was taken to the hospital with a cut on his hand and two stab wounds in his leg.

McGovern has posted bond and is due back in court on Tuesday.

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