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"Scandal" recap: "The List"

ABC/Richard CartwrightOn Scandal‘s latest episode, “The List,” an intern named Alisha goes missing after she buys a gun. While the reason of her purchase is unknown, her father enlists Olivia Pope to help find her. Liv, with the help of Marcus and Fitz, work together to try to figure out what happened to Alisha.

Earlier on, Liv tells Abby that Cyrus Beene was behind the hijack of Air Force Two and now wants to try to take the presidency from Mellie. Abby tells the gladiators and asks them to look into Cyrus. 

Meanwhile, Jake visits Mellie, who is working on the annual budget. She explains to Jake that she needs him to reach out to Cyrus so he can help wrangle up some Democratic support. Jake seems reluctant, but agrees. He is still trying to figure out who really hijacked Air Force Two.

Later, Liv shows up at Alicia’s dorm and finds her roommate. She learns that Alicia recently lost her job. In an effort to find out more information, Liv takes Alicia’s computer. At her office, she learns that Alicia is part of a list, which reveals if interns are willing to put out or not. Liv also learns that Alicia had emailed her boss that she learned about the list and was not willing to have sex to get ahead.

Meanwhile, Mellie and Cyrus are once again working together to discuss the budget.

As Cyrus hits the media circuit to push Mellie’s agenda, Abby watches him on TV and figures out Cyrus hired the hacker with an expensive painting he recently owned. Cyrus’ inside man realizes he’s being investigated and gets nervous and wants to get out of their agreement. Cyrus tells him not to worry.

Liv and Marcus later confront Alisha’s old boss, who denies he did anything wrong. Liv soon discovers that Alisha bought the gun to kill herself. After the father learns his daughter is dead, he rips into Liv for sleeping her way to the top and not being the role model that his daughter believed her to be.

The confrontation prompts Liv to want justice for Alisha and every woman on the list. She asks Fitz for help and asks Alisha’s roommate to out the congressmen who participated in making the list.

While Liv has Fitz helping her, Marcus meets with Mellie to have her work on sexual harassment reform. While Mellie says she wants to help, she says she can’t because it will mess up her chances for fixing the budget. Marcus leaves upset. However, Mellie later decides to push through with the initiative, after she feels Jake is manipulating her to get ahead.

Meanwhile, the gladiators are having a difficult time proving that Cyrus is the behind the hijacking. When Abby keeps pushing for them to stay on the case, Quinn realizes that Abby is really working for Liv, which makes the gladiators immediately drop the case. Abby informs Liv about the gladiator’s decision.

However, Huck still has hope in Olivia and continues to investigate into the hijacking even with Charlie’s objection.

Alicia’s roommate later decides to help Liv and speaks out against the congressman who preyed on her and other woman. Her decision helps prompt other women to speak out.

Later, Abby visits Liv to let her know that she’s on her side to help bring down Cyrus.

In the last few moments, Huck believes Charlie manufactured the virus for the highjack, but he’s actually being set up by Cyrus, who watches Charlie being arrested by FBI agents. Charlie’s case is to be prosecuted by Cyrus’ inside man.

Upset, Quinn heads over to Liv’s place and asks her for help in getting Charlie cleared. 

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