Netflix releases the "franchise trailer" for "Jessica Jones'" sophomore season: "I'll start at the beginning"

Myles Aronowitz/Netflix(LOS ANGELES) — In anticipation of the highly-awaited second season of its acclaimed Marvel series, Netflix on Tuesday released the franchise trailer for Marvel’s Jessica Jones

Kicking off with a scene in an anger management group session, the new trailer is meant to catch up fans with events of season one by flashing back to the events that helped shape Krysten Ritter’s hard-drinking, hard-hitting, reluctant super hero. 

“I’ll start at the beginning. My whole family was killed in a car accident,” Jones tells the other patients. “Someone did horrific experiments on me.  I was abducted, raped and forced to kill someone.”

Then, when Jones is asked how anger management is going, she quips, “Still angry!”

We then cut to a montage of Jones working as a private eye. “Some people call me a hero,” she says. “Some people call me a freak. I didn’t ask for this. I’m just trying to make a god***n living.”

Marvel’s Jessica Jones returns for a second season on International Women’s Day, March 8, 2018 on Netflix.

Marvel is owned by Disney, the parent company of ABC News.

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