Watch Millie Bobby Brown rap a Stranger Things season-1 recap on "The Tonight Show"

NBC/Andrew Lipovsky(NEW YORK) — Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown has a secret talent — she can rap!

That talent hasn’t gone unnoticed by Jimmy Fallon, who makes her spit some flows whenever she makes an appearance on The Tonight Show. Last year, he had her rap Nicki Minaj’s verse from Kanye West’s 2010 song “Monster,” and on Tuesday, she used her skill to rap a Stranger Things‘ season-1 recap.

Here’s a snippet:

“Let’s go back to Indiana, circa 1983, just four boys in the basement chillin’ playin’ D&D. There was Lucas there was Willy Will and Dustin, there was Mike, but one night Will goes missing while he’s riding on his bike — yikes!” she began.

“That’s when they met me Elev, I had no hair on my head. I had been so close to dead, Courtesy of Dr. Brenner who’s huntin’ me twenty-four sev,” continued the 13-year-old actress, who plays Eleven on the show.

Stranger Things season-2 is available for streaming on Netflix.

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