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Deep thoughts From A Wandering Mind: NOCO College Coaches Under Pressure

Let’s face it, the football situation in Northern Colorado, hell, the state is not good.  But because we cover mostly UNC, CSU and a dab of CU and  the fact Denver media has written novels about how bad the Broncos are we will let this Deep thoughts go no further south than Boulder.  All three coaches; MacIntyre, Bobo and Earnest Collins Jr. cannot escape the Hull Show‘s special Pressure Cooker.  All of these guys are in it or certainly will be come next season.  

Let’s start with CU. Mike MacIntyre was already under the microscope with how he handled the Joe Tumpkin domestic violence allegations, but because of what they were able to do last season in the Pac 12 fear of a letdown added more anxiety for CU fans.  Sure, they were replacing Sefo but that’s the name of the game.  Coach MacIntyre went 4-8, 2-10 (Yikes) 4-9 then made a huge improvement to 10 wins and a Pac 12 Championship game.  Does that absolve him of a bad season the following year?  Because his first 3 years were bad, I don’t think so.  Sure, he showed a huge improvement from 2015 to 2016 but this season CU took couple steps back.  On November 25th CU goes to Utah.  If they lose (Likely) then Mac will have 1 bowl birth out of 5 season. He’s not going anywhere now, obviously, but next year, Mac will be on the hot seat.

Now onto CSU.  So much for that new stadium….stop it…please.  The stadium had or has nothing to do with how these guys play and coach.  Let that be something to look at 4 years from now when we can evaluate what kind of talent it attracts.  Nonetheless, there were high expectations this season.  Nick Stevens, Dalyn Dawkins, Jake Bennett and of course, the stud, Michael Gallup all made us believe this team could realistically contend for a MW championship.  However, defensively, they seemed to get worse as the year progressed and the one game they played well in down the stretch, the hot CSU offense froze in the snow against Wyoming.  Bobo has a better record, consistently, than MacIntyre and Collins Jr. at 7-5, 7-5 and assuming they beat a terrible San Jose State 7-5 yet again. Not bad but not good when the expectations are to win your side of the conference.  Bobo, like Mac, is not going anywhere, but failure to improve next season will force Rams fans to wonder if a few games over .500 is as good as it gets.  

And lastly, UNC and Earnest Collins Jr.  For FCS college football, it’s not always about wins and losses.  Are they good in the community? Can they insure the “student” part is present in the “student-athlete” title? Can they promote the school in a professional way?  Earnest checks all those boxes but he’s just not winning.  Sure, his starting qb went down early again, sure his o line is bad and banged up and sure this defense is falling apart but come on….the excuses keep coming and the wins don’t.  Since 2011, Collins Jr. went 0-11, 5-6, 1-11, 3-8, 6-5, 6-5 and with one game remaining, the Bears sit at 2-7.  That’s a combined record of 23-53.  Collins Jr. told KFKA’s voice of the Bears Troy Coverdale that one day it will all come together and things will go the right way.  But can UNC wait for that?  Can they wait for nearly a decade?  Even a struggling FCS school might need to turn up the pressure.  

So who’s feeling it the most?  Obviously, they all are to some degree but because CU was so bad before and likely right after a Pac 12 championship game, I put Coach Mac in the pressure cooker first…then Bobo…then, Collins Jr.  Either way, football needs to get better fast or we’ll be forced to put ALL our hopes in the Broncos….gulp.  

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