Report: Tyrese under investigation for breaking temporary restraining order

ABC/Jeff Neira (LOS ANGELES) — Tyrese is reportedly under investigation by the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) after his ex-wife claims he broke the temporary restraining order by flying a banner over his daughter’s school, in addition to sending her gifts.

According to TMZ, Gibson’s ex wife, Norma Gibson filed a police report against the singer after he reportedly hired a plane to fly over his daughter’s elementary school on Monday, towing a banner that read: “No matter what, Daddy loves you Shayla.”

Gibson’s lawyer, Aleen Laura Khanjian, tells TMZ that in addition to the banner, Tyrese sent a variety of gifts to his ten-year-old daughter, including balloons, a fruit basket, a teddy bear, and a card.

Khanjian claims Tyrese’s actions violate the temporary restraining order against him, which prohibits the singer from having any contact with his daughter or his ex. Khanjian believes Tyrese’s actions are a form of witness intimidation, since DCFS is supposed to be interviewing Shayla as part of their investigation for Tyrese’s alleged abuse of her.

Earlier this month, Tyrese became the target of a DCFS investigation after Norma claimed he allegedly struck their child. His ex is asking a judge for a permanent restraining order against Tyrese and is seeking full physical and legal custody for Shayla, fearing the singer could possibly take their child overseas to Dubai.

Tyrese has denied all allegations.

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