Gail Fallen

Gail has been blessed to travel the world as a television producer and media consultant, but the place she likes best is behind a mic. In addition to hosting “Gail,” she works with authors nationwide as a publicist and editor. From 2003 to late 2011, she was an award-winning talk show host and executive producer on a locally-produced morning show. She formerly served as an associate producer for the PAX TV network series “Encounters with the Unexplained.”

An avid golfer, Gail enjoys scuba diving, working out and skiing. She finds inspiration in learning, laughter and swimming with sharks—both literally and figuratively. A voracious reader (everything from non-fiction tomes to cereal boxes), she enjoys getting to the “why” behind the issues. And there’s nothing she likes more than a spirited debate. Fascinated and amused by the shenanigans of the political process—not to mention the endless antics of our “Congress critters” in Washington, DC—Gail is a staunch Constitutionalist. She supports a robust national defense, energy independence, self-sufficiency . . . and a whole lot less government intervention in our lives.

Her guilty pleasures? Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews (“Tough to find sometimes, but worth it . . .”), some mindless reality television (“What can I say?”) and a nice glass of chardonnay (“For medicinal purposes only, of course!”).

Gail, her husband, Keith, and their Shih Tzu Gizzy reside in Loveland.

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